Hey! I’m Diana… But you can call me Moose, Mrs. Moose actually but Moose is ok.

I’m Mexican, a bit crazy… very random and  I’m a stay at home Moose to be, for now. I’m a certified couch potato, and have always liked crafts so about 6 years ago I     discovered crocheting and up until now it has been very much my obsession.  I grew up watching my mom and nanna crocheting and it didn’t seem hard (ha!) I started by looking for flower patterns to embellish a scarf, so online I went to the land of you can learn everything on youtube 🙂 And thanks to some very helpful video tutorials (http://www.crochetgeek.com), I started with some very funky looking and a bit deformed flowers, hats, then moved to baby shoes and well I can pretty much do anything (except doilies) now.

I have started to sell some projects, and since, been asked to upload pictures of what I can do pretty much a catalogue I guess… but since Im still very much new in the whole craft selling business well I thought a nice simple blog was a better fit for me… I mean I can rant   talk about whats going with the WIPS and maybe get some feedback… right?

Well.. Since this is an about page thing…

Im DiMoose, and I crochet… Just ask with a pretty picture and I can try and make it pretty much… I can’t promise perfection, but most times I surprise myself… and what more can you ask for? Ill make everything ordered with a smile and a prayer to the ultimate user, and I would never sell anything I didn’t love myself.

For orders, inquiries, and all else, leave a msg here or email me at – dr_estrada@hotmail.com


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