The Diego project

I accepted a commission for a jumper last week, that started as a hat and, when asked if it could be jumper instead, I accepted (with an eye on end-of-month bills). In any case, I agreed, and after a couple of days (a week) of not being able to crochet whilst babysitting and injuring my thumb, I finally started last tuesday, following a yarn-shopping spree! Yay!

What, I didn’t have the right beige for the reindeer!

I don’t have a go-to pattern for a baby jumper that I love, and my godmother wanted something like the Zip-Back Jumper I made for my own godson (of one year at the time), but merged with the original reindeer hat template- antlers, red nose, etc. I was a bit scared, since I had never designed a garment fully from scratch before, but I was determined that I could do it. I mean, after following so many patterns, something MUST have stuck, right?

So I went online to look for measurements, and everyone suggested getting something from the recipient baby and measuring that, as you know it already fits correctly (more or less). This would be much easier to do if you have babies, but luckily my sister uses my parents’ house as a storage facility, so after looking around I found some old baby hoodies, which I used for reference. I decided from the beginning that I’d try to minimise seaming, just because I hate it… lol So with that in mind I drew, in my handy notebook, the shapes I needed, in the sizes I needed them.

I did it a lot faster than I expected, and if I’m honest – not modest – it turned out amazingly. I used the zip-back hoodie as a template, I guess, but ignored all the measurements and the shapers LOL. Just borrowed the idea of a back zip. I’m very pleased with the end result. I think Diego (the bubbah) will look adorable in it, and it is just in time for Christmas! I ended up not using the nose, because with the jumper being beige it just looked a lot cuter letting the baby’s face as ‘the face’, but please let me know what you think, and remember I am open for business!


Casting off,