Cutest berry on the bush

So I finished the strawberry hat and it turned out even more adorable than planned. As a basis for the hat I used the modified pineapple stitch beanie, from Knot Your Nana’s crochet, and the booties are based on the amazing wrap-around button booties from I’m Topsy-Turvy.

I had a very good idea of what I wanted for the hat, so I made some noticeable changes to the pattern Teri gives. For starters, I made a stalk for the top and did all the increment rounds in green to give a base for my sepals (‘little strawberries’ green hats’), and then the modified pineapple stitch part I made with red to emulate the shape of the strawberry. I fell in love with this pattern, and her pictures are absolutely adorable!! For the brim/headband I just love the look of  F.P.D.C with a smaller hook, so I used that for this hat. I then felt it needed more cuteness, so I added a small strawberry  flower (or something vaguely like it) on one side. For the booties I pretty much followed her pattern, except that I changed the colour to green from the ankle point, and did the ankle band in B.L.O and crocodile stitch around F.L.O with a smaller hook (not as easy as it sounds!). So I finished it, I’m still fixing the wrapping and stuff, but they’re ready to go!!

Like them!?

Casting off,


P.S.  As for the model in the pictures… Please forgive the grubby face, she’s about 30 years old and has been collecting dust for about 20. But still looks adorable, no?!

Jpeg          Jpeg          Jpeg

 Jpeg  Jpeg Jpeg


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