This week.

I went on holiday, I came back from holiday and now I have 2 orders back to back that need urgent catching up, good thing they are a hat, and a baby set; so I should be able to finish them quickly-ish. The baby set I have complete freedom with (Thank god!) So after some Moose deliberation, we have decided I’ll be making a strawberry hat and booties -awww- It’s still pretty much in the drawing board… but I’m very confident It’ll turn out great, which seems to happen when I can see a project so clearly in my head.

So, I went to buy the yarn I needed, met a lovely old lady who told me she always wanted to learn to make hats, but has never learnt, so I promised I’d teach her next week as long as she bought her materials (You should know, I have a soft spot for old ladies). That has been my week… Oh! I have a cold! Stupid weather changes. (from beach to cold Mexico city) Anyhow, I’ve got a fever so I’m skipping all exercise and meh well that leaves more time for crochet yay! The second project, which by the way came first, is a second evil minion, this one is for a young adult so I forwent the long hands, which make it look silly(-er) and made some other alterations like a purple rim, and longer but less hair, so it has more flow. I’ll definitely post pictures when I’m done with both 🙂 Funny-ly this hat is for the brother of my cousin who asked for the very first minion hat… I guess its funnier If you know them, since they pretty much are a regular minion and a purple one lol. I love them to pieces… We are mexican so extended families are very close… and my cousins are pretty much my siblings (although not really, that would be gross) so yes, I adore all 8 of them.

Well that’s all for now, will update with pictures soon.

Casting off,



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