WIPs galore!!

So I’m pretty much stuck in the middle of like 50,000 works in progress (WIPs). I have fingerless-gloves, cowls, hats, a jumper, a top… a unicorn…. gawd I think I even have WIP-WIPs meh… sooo much I’d like to do…. So much inspiration, so much yarn! and I just can’t make me finish them. The thing is, I want to make them all like NOW but then, there’s just too much to do, and not enough hands!? That’s it… I’m ‘working’ from now on… only moose business from now on, after I catch up with tv, and my fave crafter blogs…. and that autumn colours cowl I started last night. I think I’ll make mittens or fingerless to match… maybe a hat?? I’ll go look/shop around for patterns…

Casting off,


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