The ‘minion’ hats

I was asked to make, first, a regular minion hat for my cousin, and almost immediately after the movie was released, too… She was having a minion themed party for her 21st birthday (I think), SO I decided I didn’t like any of the hats I saw online… And As I told you before I really, really avoid selling items I’m not in love with, so after talking it over with Mr. Moose I drew a template, a very crude template, of what I wanted  I set to buy the yarn, and started my hat on the same day. (Works in process -WIPS- be damned)

The main issue I had with the minion hats I saw online is that they looked too silly, in the wrong way… and not silly enough in the right one! The eyes looked flat and lifeless while the ‘real’ minions seem soo alive! I decided to fix this by embroidering them in two colours, to give some highlights and low-lights, and to omit the mouth altogether, because it made it look amateurish. I decided from the first sketch I wanted to do the overalls, I thought it gave it something extra compared to the ones I’d seen, and I liked the challenge of making the colour changes for the integrated straps (although I hated how many more loose ends I created for myself).

The end result wasn’t perfect, the main issue I have with it, is that the yellow isn’t quite right, but that’s not something I can change by myself, as I looked everywhere for the right shade and that was the closest I found. As for the design itself, I LOVE IT! The embroidered eyes do give it vividness and character you don’t get when you crochet them (And the overalls rock!).

The second hat, the ‘evil’ minion, was a labour of love! It was commissioned by a colleague of my mom, for her 6 year-old. I got the yarn for the body the same day, and even got some for hair, but then decided it wasn’t a good fit and had to go hunting for alternatives until I found the right shade, texture, and shape that I wanted. I have to admit I ended up with three or four skeins of yarn that I didn’t use, which I now have to find projects for lol… but that’s not a tragedy, really. I made the hat itself differently from the yellow one, because it was for a small kid (hence my use of a smaller stitch), and decided from the beginning I’d make the straps attachable to support the arms that I wanted to use as ties. As always, I went online for inspiration and borrowed ideas from a lot of different places to come up with my version. This minion was a lot more work than the original one… I had to attach the hair strand by strand… and there were 241 (I counted) but the end result is, to be honest, one of my favorite hats so far that I can call an original design 🙂 I embroidered the eyes as the yellow minion’s, but this time in just the one colour.  Since it was very important I did add a mouth and teeth.

I didn’t write this to bore anyone, but so that you realise how much time and thought goes in to every design, which I  try to make the best I can, and when possible ask for client input and suggested revisions when in doubt. I do sometimes ask them to trust me if they request modifications and I think it would hurt my design, because at the end of the day it bares my name and label… but I’m open to suggestions and everything is negotiable (Mostly!).

..And ramble done! LOL Well I leave you with pictures of both hats, and I’d love to hear your comments and feed back.

Casting off,


Jpeg         Jpeg                  Jpeg        Jpeg      Jpeg


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