Open day in the Moose shop…

As promised, and I hate breaking promises, so here goes…

First, before I actually add the pictures, I’ll say for clarity’s sake that most of my projects are based on free online patterns, and where possible/appropriate sources will be acknowledged. My latest projects I’ve modified to suit my needs, like the Minion hats, I took the shape of a hat and drew (on paper) a template, which I followed – and did some math… meaning i calculated how many stitches I needed to create a particular shape, and then did it. So, this promises to be the first of many posts. Hopefully…

Be kind!

Here are my favorite projects so far



The Elephant is Reginald Elephant from here

Cabled hat from here  ** although I added a pompom… a VERY large pompom, as was requested.

The shawl, the jumper and the finger puppets, were based on Crochet today magazine projects.

The pompoms were inspired by Mr. Printables tutorial on designer pompoms, and were, to be honest, my first try… so they’re not perfect, but getting there


All modifications, colours, and embroidery are from my ideas, and any mistakes in execution are all mine… And I own the rights to them LOL 😛

I’m still learning to crochet and I’m trying to get better at it all the time, as with english (my second language).  So, if I made any horrible mistakes, ignore them –  it won’t change the fact that I had tons of fun crafting… and writing.

Casting off,



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