The Diego project

I accepted a commission for a jumper last week, that started as a hat and, when asked if it could be jumper instead, I accepted (with an eye on end-of-month bills). In any case, I agreed, and after a couple of days (a week) of not being able to crochet whilst babysitting and injuring my thumb, I finally started last tuesday, following a yarn-shopping spree! Yay!

What, I didn’t have the right beige for the reindeer!

I don’t have a go-to pattern for a baby jumper that I love, and my godmother wanted something like the Zip-Back Jumper I made for my own godson (of one year at the time), but merged with the original reindeer hat template- antlers, red nose, etc. I was a bit scared, since I had never designed a garment fully from scratch before, but I was determined that I could do it. I mean, after following so many patterns, something MUST have stuck, right?

So I went online to look for measurements, and everyone suggested getting something from the recipient baby and measuring that, as you know it already fits correctly (more or less). This would be much easier to do if you have babies, but luckily my sister uses my parents’ house as a storage facility, so after looking around I found some old baby hoodies, which I used for reference. I decided from the beginning that I’d try to minimise seaming, just because I hate it… lol So with that in mind I drew, in my handy notebook, the shapes I needed, in the sizes I needed them.

I did it a lot faster than I expected, and if I’m honest – not modest – it turned out amazingly. I used the zip-back hoodie as a template, I guess, but ignored all the measurements and the shapers LOL. Just borrowed the idea of a back zip. I’m very pleased with the end result. I think Diego (the bubbah) will look adorable in it, and it is just in time for Christmas! I ended up not using the nose, because with the jumper being beige it just looked a lot cuter letting the baby’s face as ‘the face’, but please let me know what you think, and remember I am open for business!


Casting off,




Cutest berry on the bush

So I finished the strawberry hat and it turned out even more adorable than planned. As a basis for the hat I used the modified pineapple stitch beanie, from Knot Your Nana’s crochet, and the booties are based on the amazing wrap-around button booties from I’m Topsy-Turvy.

I had a very good idea of what I wanted for the hat, so I made some noticeable changes to the pattern Teri gives. For starters, I made a stalk for the top and did all the increment rounds in green to give a base for my sepals (‘little strawberries’ green hats’), and then the modified pineapple stitch part I made with red to emulate the shape of the strawberry. I fell in love with this pattern, and her pictures are absolutely adorable!! For the brim/headband I just love the look of  F.P.D.C with a smaller hook, so I used that for this hat. I then felt it needed more cuteness, so I added a small strawberry  flower (or something vaguely like it) on one side. For the booties I pretty much followed her pattern, except that I changed the colour to green from the ankle point, and did the ankle band in B.L.O and crocodile stitch around F.L.O with a smaller hook (not as easy as it sounds!). So I finished it, I’m still fixing the wrapping and stuff, but they’re ready to go!!

Like them!?

Casting off,


P.S.  As for the model in the pictures… Please forgive the grubby face, she’s about 30 years old and has been collecting dust for about 20. But still looks adorable, no?!

Jpeg          Jpeg          Jpeg

 Jpeg  Jpeg Jpeg

This week.

I went on holiday, I came back from holiday and now I have 2 orders back to back that need urgent catching up, good thing they are a hat, and a baby set; so I should be able to finish them quickly-ish. The baby set I have complete freedom with (Thank god!) So after some Moose deliberation, we have decided I’ll be making a strawberry hat and booties -awww- It’s still pretty much in the drawing board… but I’m very confident It’ll turn out great, which seems to happen when I can see a project so clearly in my head.

So, I went to buy the yarn I needed, met a lovely old lady who told me she always wanted to learn to make hats, but has never learnt, so I promised I’d teach her next week as long as she bought her materials (You should know, I have a soft spot for old ladies). That has been my week… Oh! I have a cold! Stupid weather changes. (from beach to cold Mexico city) Anyhow, I’ve got a fever so I’m skipping all exercise and meh well that leaves more time for crochet yay! The second project, which by the way came first, is a second evil minion, this one is for a young adult so I forwent the long hands, which make it look silly(-er) and made some other alterations like a purple rim, and longer but less hair, so it has more flow. I’ll definitely post pictures when I’m done with both 🙂 Funny-ly this hat is for the brother of my cousin who asked for the very first minion hat… I guess its funnier If you know them, since they pretty much are a regular minion and a purple one lol. I love them to pieces… We are mexican so extended families are very close… and my cousins are pretty much my siblings (although not really, that would be gross) so yes, I adore all 8 of them.

Well that’s all for now, will update with pictures soon.

Casting off,


WIPs galore!!

So I’m pretty much stuck in the middle of like 50,000 works in progress (WIPs). I have fingerless-gloves, cowls, hats, a jumper, a top… a unicorn…. gawd I think I even have WIP-WIPs meh… sooo much I’d like to do…. So much inspiration, so much yarn! and I just can’t make me finish them. The thing is, I want to make them all like NOW but then, there’s just too much to do, and not enough hands!? That’s it… I’m ‘working’ from now on… only moose business from now on, after I catch up with tv, and my fave crafter blogs…. and that autumn colours cowl I started last night. I think I’ll make mittens or fingerless to match… maybe a hat?? I’ll go look/shop around for patterns…

Casting off,

The ‘minion’ hats

I was asked to make, first, a regular minion hat for my cousin, and almost immediately after the movie was released, too… She was having a minion themed party for her 21st birthday (I think), SO I decided I didn’t like any of the hats I saw online… And As I told you before I really, really avoid selling items I’m not in love with, so after talking it over with Mr. Moose I drew a template, a very crude template, of what I wanted  I set to buy the yarn, and started my hat on the same day. (Works in process -WIPS- be damned)

The main issue I had with the minion hats I saw online is that they looked too silly, in the wrong way… and not silly enough in the right one! The eyes looked flat and lifeless while the ‘real’ minions seem soo alive! I decided to fix this by embroidering them in two colours, to give some highlights and low-lights, and to omit the mouth altogether, because it made it look amateurish. I decided from the first sketch I wanted to do the overalls, I thought it gave it something extra compared to the ones I’d seen, and I liked the challenge of making the colour changes for the integrated straps (although I hated how many more loose ends I created for myself).

The end result wasn’t perfect, the main issue I have with it, is that the yellow isn’t quite right, but that’s not something I can change by myself, as I looked everywhere for the right shade and that was the closest I found. As for the design itself, I LOVE IT! The embroidered eyes do give it vividness and character you don’t get when you crochet them (And the overalls rock!).

The second hat, the ‘evil’ minion, was a labour of love! It was commissioned by a colleague of my mom, for her 6 year-old. I got the yarn for the body the same day, and even got some for hair, but then decided it wasn’t a good fit and had to go hunting for alternatives until I found the right shade, texture, and shape that I wanted. I have to admit I ended up with three or four skeins of yarn that I didn’t use, which I now have to find projects for lol… but that’s not a tragedy, really. I made the hat itself differently from the yellow one, because it was for a small kid (hence my use of a smaller stitch), and decided from the beginning I’d make the straps attachable to support the arms that I wanted to use as ties. As always, I went online for inspiration and borrowed ideas from a lot of different places to come up with my version. This minion was a lot more work than the original one… I had to attach the hair strand by strand… and there were 241 (I counted) but the end result is, to be honest, one of my favorite hats so far that I can call an original design 🙂 I embroidered the eyes as the yellow minion’s, but this time in just the one colour.  Since it was very important I did add a mouth and teeth.

I didn’t write this to bore anyone, but so that you realise how much time and thought goes in to every design, which I  try to make the best I can, and when possible ask for client input and suggested revisions when in doubt. I do sometimes ask them to trust me if they request modifications and I think it would hurt my design, because at the end of the day it bares my name and label… but I’m open to suggestions and everything is negotiable (Mostly!).

..And ramble done! LOL Well I leave you with pictures of both hats, and I’d love to hear your comments and feed back.

Casting off,


Jpeg         Jpeg                  Jpeg        Jpeg      Jpeg

Open day in the Moose shop…

As promised, and I hate breaking promises, so here goes…

First, before I actually add the pictures, I’ll say for clarity’s sake that most of my projects are based on free online patterns, and where possible/appropriate sources will be acknowledged. My latest projects I’ve modified to suit my needs, like the Minion hats, I took the shape of a hat and drew (on paper) a template, which I followed – and did some math… meaning i calculated how many stitches I needed to create a particular shape, and then did it. So, this promises to be the first of many posts. Hopefully…

Be kind!

Here are my favorite projects so far



The Elephant is Reginald Elephant from here

Cabled hat from here  ** although I added a pompom… a VERY large pompom, as was requested.

The shawl, the jumper and the finger puppets, were based on Crochet today magazine projects.

The pompoms were inspired by Mr. Printables tutorial on designer pompoms, and were, to be honest, my first try… so they’re not perfect, but getting there


All modifications, colours, and embroidery are from my ideas, and any mistakes in execution are all mine… And I own the rights to them LOL 😛

I’m still learning to crochet and I’m trying to get better at it all the time, as with english (my second language).  So, if I made any horrible mistakes, ignore them –  it won’t change the fact that I had tons of fun crafting… and writing.

Casting off,